April 4 Bargaining Update

On April 3, the Hospitals and CRONA resumed negotiations on a successor agreement for our Nurses. During the session the Hospitals focused the majority of time on the open non-economic topics and made movement on many of these open items. We have scheduled an additional bargaining session for April 8, and we look forward to making further progress at that time.

We remain committed to reaching an agreement and continue to provide CRONA with proposals that we believe are fair and generous, support you and your profession by providing highly-competitive terms, and address in some way virtually every one of the issues CRONA told us were important to you.

Our proposal would provide a fulltime CN II with annual base wages between $145,615* and $197,688*

Depending on your current step level, you could earn between $12,955* and $54,532* more than Kaiser Nurses in the same position over three years.

Depending on your current step level, you could earn between $6,279* and $37,143* more than UCSF Nurses in the same position over three years.

*Based on a 1.0 FTE CN II


9% across-the-board increase over three years

3% increase upon ratification.

3% increase on first anniversary of first wage increase.

3% increase on second anniversary of second wage increase.

These increases are in addition to the various step increases (1% - 4% at each step) eligible Nurses may receive throughout the three-year agreement.

    • For example: Nurses who are below step 7 would be eligible to receive an annual 7% increase (3% across the board and 4% step increase).

1% increase to retirement plan match for Nurses with 10+ years

Increase from 7% to 7.5% on January 1, 2020, and an additional increase from 7.5% to 8% on January 1, 2021, for Nurses with 10+ years of eligible experience.


50% increase in Group D retiree medical benefit

Eligible Nurses would receive between $7,500 and $46,125 (currently these amounts are between $5,000 and $30,750).


$1,200 certification bonus

Provide a bonus to Nurses who have or obtain an ANCC-approved eligible certification.


UPDATED: Commitment to workplace violence prevention

Nurses who have been assaulted or threatened by a patient or member of a patient’s family may request reassignment.

Nurses will be offered additional training regarding workplace violence prevention and de-escalation techniques (this is in addition to our current HealthStream module).

CRONA will appoint two Nurses (from different patient care regions) to serve on the Workplace Violence Prevention Task Force (SHC) and the Workplace Violence Subcommittee (LPCH).


UPDATED: Preceptors may request to be removed/relieved

Voluntary decision to become eligible for preceptor assignments; can request to be removed from the program or temporarily relieved.

Preceptors will also receive an increased differential ($3.00 per hour) in conjunction with an enhanced preceptor program that provides paid training.


UPDATED: Continued support for part-time positions

Vacant part-time positions that are reposted will be as part-time positions with the same or lower commitment level.

The only exception is for units with fewer than 10 Regular Nurses or if the unit consists of more than 40% part-time positions.


Supporting education through temporary reduced commitments

Opportunity for eligible Nurses to move to Relief B position temporarily to pursue BSN or MSN.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the current status of bargaining. If you have any questions before our next bargaining session, please reach out to your manager or submit them here.

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Welcome to StanfordPackardVoice.com, your central source for the latest updates and information about our contract negotiations with CRONA. Our pledge to you throughout negotiations is to bargain in good faith to reach a mutually-acceptable agreement that:

provides improvements for you, our valued nurses;

promotes a healthy work environment;

supports you and your professional nursing practice; and

promotes the mission of Stanford Health Care and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford with a focus on patient safety and quality.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about negotiations, but most importantly thank you for all you do to help us provide the best and safest care possible for our patients. We appreciate you.

Dale E. Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Officer
Stanford Health Care

Kelly M. Johnson, PhD, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Officer
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford